General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
McGill, et al - 2015

District Court Filings - 2016

Order Denying Plaintiff's Objections

SDA Objection to Order

SDA Motion to Reply

Order Denying Plaintiff's Motions

District Court Filings - 2015

Pr. Walter McGill's Deposition

New SDA Motion to Modify Permanent Injunction

Dr. David P. Aguilar Objection

Pr. Walter McGill Motion to Extend

SDA Motion to Extend - Reply to Aguilar

SDA Reply to Aguilar Objection
SDA Reply Exhibit "A"
SDA Reply Exhibit "B"
SDA Reply Exhibit "C"

Aguilar Statement of Facts
Aguilar Exhibit #1
Aguilar Exhibit #2
Aguilar Exhibit #3

Defendant McGill's Objection to SDA Motion

Magistrate Judge Bryant's Setting Order

Status Conference: Nov. 3, 2015
US Magistrate Judge Bryant, Phil Kirkpatrick, Walter McGill
Informal -- No Minutes Available

Plaintiffs' Motion for Leave to File a Reply Memorandum, etc.

Notice of Deposition -- McGill

Order -- Judge Bryant

Plaintiff's Motion to Compel and for Extension of Time to File Reply
Exhibit #1
Exhibit #2
Supporting Memorandum

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