"Now as in former ages, the presentation of a truth that reproves the sins and errors of the times will excite opposition. 'Everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.' John 3:20. As men see that they cannot maintain their position by the Scriptures, many determine to maintain it at all hazards, and with a malicious spirit they assail the character and motives of those who stand in defense of unpopular truth. It is the same policy which has been pursued in all ages. Elijah was declared to be a troubler in Israel, Jeremiah a traitor, Paul a polluter of the temple. From that day to this, those who would be loyal to truth have been denounced as seditious, heretical, or schismatic. Multitudes who are too unbelieving to accept the sure word of prophecy will receive with unquestioning credulity an accusation against those who dare to reprove fashionable sins. This spirit will increase more and more. And the Bible plainly teaches that a time is approaching when the laws of the state will so conflict with the law of God that whosoever would obey all the divine precepts must brave reproach and punishment as an evildoer." The Great Controversy, pp. 458, 459


  Why Pastor Walter "Chick" McGill is not affiliated
                with the General Conference Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA)

Welcome to this sacred place. It is certainly sacred, for it is a website where truth overcomes falsehood. The title of this cyber spot is "why Pastor Walter 'Chick' McGill is not affiliated with [the] General Conference SDA Adventist Church." It could just as well be titled "why Creation Seventh Day Adventist believers are not affiliated with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists." 

No one ever saw or heard any bitterness manifested by Pastor McGill, though he has been consistent in his protest against the use of the strong arm of the civil power to impose the worldly policies of church corporations as they seek to sustain their own institutions.

While Pastor "Chick" embraces the pioneer SDA position of non-Trinitarianism as taught in the Bible, this doctrinal difference alone would not have been sufficient to separate him from the "mother church." He has also declared a serious difference between his doctrine of total victory over sin and the general SDA Church position regarding the Gospel of salvation in Christ. However, it was the unholy church-state union of the General Conference SDA with the United States civil government that became "the straw that broke the camel's back," requiring the total and permanent separation according to Revelation 18:1-5.

It is important that you understand "the why" of his "coming out" and "the how" of attaining to everlasting life through the "faith of YAHSHUA." All who "hunger and thirst after righteousness," will surely desire to know. Any comments or questions are welcome.  Post Pastor "Chick" at the official email address, sda_trademark_lawsuit@yahoo.com.

April, 2012  District Court Judge Breen orders contempt for Chartier and McGill with sanctions of federal fines and jail time.

Here We Stand--YAH Help Us
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May 2, 2012  District Court Judge Breen orders incarceration for Chartier and McGill by the U. S. Marshals Service.

Pastor McGill, who has been in the Los Angeles, CA area, received notification of this order on July 5, 2012, after an associate in Kalangala Uganda opened postal mail received there. The U. S. Marshals have informed McGill's wife that they are looking for him and believe he is running (after she called them to see if a warrant was in fact outstanding). Evidently, the authorities have not been to the Guys Church property since the warrants were issued. From the mail received in Kalangala Uganda, it appears that the Court has approved more than $70,000 of monetary sanctions against Pastor McGill (General Conference attorney fees reimbursements).

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Press Conference to be held at Loma Linda Church of Seventh-day Adventists

Pastor "Chick" to be arrested July 15, 2012

Pastor McGill Arrested on July 13th at Loma Linda

Two days before the July 15th press conference, at which point he intended to turn himself in, McGill was arrested on the Loma Linda University campus. This marks the first time since 1989 that an Adventist has been arrested for trademark infringement of the name "Seventh-day Adventist." McGill has vowed to fast from solid foods during the period of his incarceration.

(Screen-shot of the Adeventist Today News page)

The Image of the Beast
Pastor John Grosboll
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A Summary of the Attacks on Pastor McGill and his Church in Guys, Tennessee

The first Adventist journal to report the controvery between Pastor McGill and the SDA organizations:

(Screen-shot of the Spectrum Blog)

The second Adventist journal to report the controversy between Pastor McGill and the General Conference Church

(Screen-shot of the Adeventist Today News page)

ABC TV News, Channel 7 WBBJ Jackson, Tennessee

View the Real Video file by clicking the hyperlink below.

ABC TV NEWS from February through May of 2010  
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Year 2010

View the February 17, 2010 and March 13, 2010 editions of the Daily Corinthian Newspaper.

Church Sign Controversy Heating Up Again: October 2010
After the General Conference filed another show-cause motion, the District Court Judge Breen filed an "Order of Reference" to set another contempt hearing before Magistrate Judge Bryant. Judge Bryant held a status conference and asked that Pastor "Chick" return to the United States to face responsibility for the continued violations of the injunction and court orders, even though the assistant pastor is named as the active member in repainting the signs and maintaining remaining church websites. Pastor "Chick" has drafted his response to the Court in care of his attorney, Charles Holliday. Read the two-page email. Read Lucan Chartier's email response.

Year 2012

The Vote that Changed the History of the Name SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST

In April of 1994, there was a historic hearing at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) in the US Patient and Trademark administration department. It was held to consider arguments on both sides of the SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST trademark dispute. Virginia Stocker and William Perry (Seventh-day Adventist Church members) had submitted petitions to cancel the SDA name trademark owned by the General Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists.

Two years later (February 15, 1996), the administrative panel (made up of three administrative judges) handed down their decision in favor of the General Conference Corporation by a 2-1 vote. One of the two "majority" votes was sufficient to render the majority, and that changed forever the course of history for believers adhering to Seventh-day Adventism. What a significant decision this has come to be!

The majority decision opened the flood-gates for religious persecution in America, as the General Conference Corporation was given exclusive "intellectual property rights" to the religious term "Seventh Day Adventist."

An Open Letter to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

May 15, 2012 Pastor McGill Answers the General Conference Communications Department's point of view published in the Independent Appeal.

March 3, 2012:Letter to Pastor "Chick" from Kisoro Uganda

WALTER MCGILL and the Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church HOAX WEBSITE

The Spiritual State of "Babylon Fallen"

Read Victims of Policy by Dr. David Aguilar, and/or listen to the Realplayer audio version.

General Conference "Damage Control 2010"--An attempt at justifying the violation of God's Law via "Corporate Image" Policy View article with comments included.

Read Pastor Walter "Chick" McGill's Story

Seventh-day Adventist Church Found Wanting

The McGill Trademark Lawsuit: SDA v. CSDA

Pastor "Chick's" Final Answer to the General Conference of SDA lead attorney RE compliance with the District Court injunction

The Writings of Pastor "Chick" McGill

My Final Chapter: An Exposition of Last Day Events

Forbes Magazine declares the Pope to be "highest earthly authority" for one-sixth of the world's population.

My Open Letter to Ted N. C. Wilson, President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

United States Supreme Court Petition for Writ of Certiorari

April 18, 2011 McGill's Petition for Writ of Certiorari DENIED.

Screen Shot of the Search Results on the US Supreme Court website

November 8, 2010 McGill's Petition for Writ of Certiorari.

February 11, 2011  Rutherford Institute's friend-of-the-court brief in support of McGill's petition for writ of certiorari.

March 2011  General Conference SDA Opposition Brief to McGill's petition for writ of certiorari.

March 29, 2011  McGill's petition reply to General Conference SDA opposition brief.

Legal Documentation and News

July 13, 2012  McGill arrested in California just prior to a planned news conference at which he intended to turn himself in. Currently held in San Bernadino Detention Center.

May 2, 2012  District Court Judge Breen orders incarceration for Chartier and McGill by the U. S. Marshals Service.

April, 2012  District Court Judge Breen orders contempt for Chartier and McGill with sanctions of federal fines and jail time.

March 8, 2011  District Court Judge Breen orders contempt for Chartier and McGill.

February 18, 2011  General Conference responds to Defendant's objections to the Dec. 23rd Report & Recommendation.

January 11, 2011  Defendant's Objection to Magistrate Judge's Report was filed, and Lucan Chartier's Objection was also filed with the Court.

January 7, 2011  Defendant's Objections (for exhibit) to Magistrate Judge Bryant's Report

December 23, 2010  Magistrate Judge Bryant filed his Report and Recommendation for contempt charges.
Pastor McGill and Lucan Chartier are to receive fines and jail time.

November 9, 2010:  Cert. Filed In Seventh Day Adventist Case: Does RFRA Apply To Suits Between Private Parties?

Adventist Review: "A Victory for Religious Freedom"
The SDA Church was a major supporter of the RFRA bill in 1992-93. Will the General Conference reverse the original position in Gen. Conf. v. McGill?

October 20, 2010: Motion for Contempt
View picture of the repainted church sign at the Guys, TN church house here.


Second Letter from General Conference Attorney Announcing Church Sign Take-down at the Guys, TN church house

Magistrate Judge's Report on May 25th Contempt Hearing

Complete version of Defendant's Appellant Brief filed with the 6th Circuit of Appeals

Condensed version of Appellant Brief filed August 17, 2009

Defendant's Response to Plaintiffs' Motion for Default

Defendant's Objection to Magistrate's Report and Recommendation

Lucan Chartier's response to General Conference demand for deposition

General Conference Attorney's response to Lucan Chartier

Lucan Chartier's response to General Conference attorney

Historic SDA Trademark Records

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* Lawsuit Correspondence from G.C to other Independent SDA Ministries(Since 1988)
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